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Where is the PC module serial number
Last Updated 9 years ago

Pro-packs include the PC module with the screen. Lite screen do not include a PC module, so this article only applies to pro-packs.

The integrated PC module has it's own serial number, separate from the screen.

To access the serial number, the PC module must be pulled out from its slot at the back.

The PC module is at the left hand side of the screen as you look at the screen.

It has a wireless aerial attached, USB ports and an Ethernet port.

It may have one lock screw, or two thumb screws securing it in.


Make sure the screen is powered down.

Undo the lock screw(s), and pull the module out.

On the inside edge, or along the connector pins side you will see a label. The PC module serial number will be on this label, a long number starting "MT0".

More details with pictures and examples are in the attached guide.

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