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Is there a way to script or automate the registration?
Last Updated 6 years ago

The software requires the installation to be registered.

If the software is not registered within the first 30 times it runs, the software forces the registration by displaying the registration dialogue, and if the registration is not completed the software exits.

For sites with many installations, manually registering the software can be labour intensive, so we have provided (since a means to do the renegotiation via the command line, which can then be scripted and automated.

Then to register from the command line, add the following to the command line (the values in teh examples below are fictitious):

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Hive\hive.exe" --register --license-name="Test School" --license-address="34 Test Avenue" --license-country="UK" --license-city="London" --license-post="T35 7TT" --license-phone="02099999999" --license-email="" --license-key="XXXXXXX1"

If a proxy with authentication is in use, then the following parameters must be added

--proxy-address="" --proxy-port=8080 --proxy-username="jayne" --proxy-password="tarzan"

For example:

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Hive\hive.exe" --register --license-name="Test School" --license-address="34 Test Avenue" --license-country="UK" --license-city="London" --license-post="T35 7TT" --license-phone="0209999909" --license-email="" --license-key="IWBXXXX1" --proxy-address="" --proxy-port=8080 --proxy-username="jayne" --proxy-password="tarzan"

Note, if the proxy connection cannot be established, the process falls back to the direct connection.

The results are logged in the iwb_current.log file (under Documents\Hive).

For Nuc, IWBPro, DigiClass etc, change the path and command as appropriate.

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