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Where is the IWBPro/DigiClass log file?
Last Updated 6 years ago

IWBPro and DIgiClass mainatin a log file which can help us to identofy and resolve any issues that might be reported.

Support will often ask for teh log file when a ticket is raised.

The log files are by default found in the following locations:

"My Documents"\IWBPro\iwb_current.log
"My Documents"\IWBPro\iwb_previous.log
"My Documents"\DigiClass Teacher\iwb_current.log
"My Documents"\DigiClass Teacher\iwb_previous.log
"My Documents"\DigiClass\iwb_current.log
"My Documents"\DigiClass

The locations could be changed if your administrator has chosen to set up the software locations differently.

Look for the following if the files are not in the above locations:

  • Check the environment variable ibtDocumentLocation - if this is set to a valid path then the files will be under there.
  • Check the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\IWBPro\file_locations.settings" - the "log" setting in here will point to the location

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