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Is there a a quick start guide for VCC?
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First download and install the following:

This will give you the very latest version.

The VCC Application Manual is attached, which has instructions on how to use VCC, but below are also some instructions based on the latest version that should help get you up and running. Please take note of page 22 of the guide, which details firewall settings required by VCC to work.

Check Settings

Before starting please click "File>Settings", and check the "Use RTMFP" option is unchecked. With this checked, the app uses UDP for audio/video, which gives better performance but requires the high ports opening up. When RTMFP is unchecked, the app uses TCP, which uses the ports specified in the guide, but can be be more susceptible to bandwidth issues. We recommend that you start with RTFMP disabled to get up and running.


The "Java Path" setting is required for enabling screen sharing - see the attached Screen Sharing set up guide.

Start A Session

You can create sessions via the "Start Session" button. You will see a list of users registered to your organisation.


You will also see a Email Contacts" tab, which is used to invite non-registered users via email.


You have to click "New Contact", and enter the name and email address of the participant. This is then saved, and is then available for selection as a participant.


The email contact users get an email with a clickable link, which opens the VCC web version in the browser and logs them on to the meeting automatically. The link is time-bound - it is only valid between the start and end times of the meeting.

For registered users, these are present in the "VCC Users" tab. Against each users there is a "Edit/View/Email" option.


If you click "Email", it will result in the user getting an email reminder to the session. For this to work, both the meeting creator and the participant must have an email address set up in the system. We have just checked and both your users have emails addresses.

In the example below, a session called "test786". is created and Bruce is invited.

Joining A Session

A VCC User can join the session by starting the VCC app and clicking on "Join Session". The login box appears, and on successful login the session will appear in a list and the users will be able to select and join.


The meeting creator will see confirmation that the participant has joined:


To enable Audio/Video/Chat, once the meeting has commenced click the web cam icon . Initially it will have the label "Off":


Click this to reveal the options:


Make sure the correct devices are selected, if there are more than one of any device attached.

Each participant must do this.

To view the video feeds, click the "See All" button.


Now the video pane will appear down the left side of the app window:


Click the "See All" button again to toggle this pane.
Click the "Unlock" button on the top-most video feed to undock this pane - this allows the video to be moved to another display if extended deskptop is being used.

Once a meeting has started, you can add/remove participants using the "File> Add Invite" or "File> Remove Invite" options.


If you have any further questions please contact, or refer to the attached User Guide..

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