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What is the difference between Hive, Nuc, iFlipChart
Last Updated 6 years ago

Hive has replaced IWBPro and DigiClass Teacher, combing the whiteboarding and collaboration into the same application. The benefit of this is instead having to install and switch between IWBPro nd DigiClass Teacher you can do it all in Hive.

To join the session, you use NexusParticipant on your device.

IWBPro and DigiClass are discontinued.

  • Nuc is similar to Hive but does not include:
  • Cloud/Remote integration with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive
  • SMART/Promethean opening
  • Collaboration

iFlipChart is a very basic whiteboard app.

Some of the FAQ notes in this section can be applied to both IWBPro/DIgiClass and Hive/Nuc/iFlipChart class of products.

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