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No Signal Displaying on iBoardTouch Screen
Last Updated 5 years ago

For issues in which no input will display on screen (only no signal is present on screen) please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1) Are the wires plugged in correctly? Some wires such as VGA should be screwed in and seated properly. Cables should have some play e.g extra length to flex, if pulled taught this can damage the connection.

2) Have you selected the correct output on the screen? There is a sticker located next to each input cable e.g. VGA 1/HDMI 1 that shows what output on-screen corresponds to that port.

3) Is the laptop/computer set to output to the iBT screen? (Right Click On Desktop>Screen Resolution and select appropriate output) You may have function keys that direct the output to external screens, these are different along certain brands so you would have to refer to the laptop/PC manufacturer's documentation.

4) Does another laptop work when connected with the same cables? If so then this may be an issue with your laptop not being able to output a signal to the board. If the this does not work then please try the next step.

5) Does your laptop work when connected with a different set of cables? If so the original cables may be faulty, plug in the second laptop using the original cables, if the second laptop works then this proves the cables have developed a fault.

6) Will your laptop and the second laptop work if connected through a different port on the iBoardTouch screen? Whatever the outcome of this please follow on to the next step.

7) If you have a second iBoardTouch screen please connect the Laptop/PC/Mac to it in the same way it was connected previously. If your laptop fails to display again then please try using a second laptop on the second iBoardTouch screen. If your laptop does not connect to the first and second screens but the second laptop works perfectly then there is likely to be an issue with your laptop. Please use the secondary laptop to double check all the ports on the first iBoardTouch is working.

If your laptop works on the second screen but not on the first and the secondary laptop also does not work on the first then please raise a ticket on

If you have a PC Module and have no signal displaying on your iBoardTouch screen please go through the following steps:

1) Check the PC Module has been correctly and firmly inserted. Please ensure the iBoardTouch has been fully powered down and unplugged from the mains before checking the PC Module has been correctly inserted.

The sticker/plate has been removed to allow for the PC Module to be inserted correctly
(V series screens come with a sticker over the PC Module connector on the back of the left hand side of the screen whereas as the other screens have a plate which is screwed in and covers the PC Module connector on the screen).

2) If the issue persists please check if the PC module will boot up in another iBoardTouch screen if you have a second iBoardTouch screen available. Please also check if the second PC module will boot up in the screen that is displaying "No Signal".

If the PC module boots up in the second iBoardTouch screen, and the second PC Module also boots up in the first iBoardTouch screen then it is likely that drivers on the first PC module are not allowing it to display to the screen. Please try re-installing the drivers or re-imaging/re-installing the Operating System.

3) If the PC Module refuses to display a signal in the second screen please plug the PC Module into the original board and connect an external monitor to the PC Module via VGA cable and the VGA output port on the PC Module. Does the PC Module successfully show up on the external monitor?

If the PC Module does not show on the external monitor please raise a ticket on and inform the support team off any and all steps taken to resolve this issue, and what the outcome has been for each step. Please also inform us if any LEDs can be seen flashing when the PC input is selected on the screen

4) If the PC module appears on the monitor please set the PC module to boot up in Low Res Mode.

If the PC module still does not boot up then please raise a ticket on

Should any problems persist please raise a ticket on and inform the Support team of any and all steps taken to resolve the issue so far. Also please mention the outcome of each step taken to resolve.

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