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Screen Not Turning On/Not Responding To The Power Button (Red Light on Right Hand Side of the Screen is Present)
Last Updated 5 years ago

In the event the red standby light is present but the screen is not turning on please perform the following checks;

1) Have you waited an appropriate amount of time for the screen to power up and for the iBoardTouch logo to appear when turning the screen on from standby? If the red light turns green then commonly the screen requires a minute to power up safely.

2) Will the screen power on using the remote control? If not check the batteries as they may not have sufficient charge. Replace the batteries and try again.

3) If it refuses to power via the on-board power button use the INPUT button to power the system up, if this works try to use the POWER BUTTON to power down. This will establish if there is an issue with the button.

4) Is there a USB device plugged into the USB port on the AV card such as a USB Pen Drive, HDD, webcam etc? If this is the case the iBoardTouch Screen will be attempting to boot up from whatever is connected to the USB Port. If you disconnect the USB and try turning the screen up again the screen should fully power up.

If none of these steps work please open a ticket on and inform the Support team of all steps taken so far to resolve the issue.

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