Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does The PC Module Go On The Screen?
Last Updated 10 years ago

The PC Module has a slot/two slider rails (depending on which iBoardTouch screen you have) dedicated for itself on the back of the left side of the screen (on certain models such as the i84 this may be located on the right hand side of the screen).

Depending on what version of iBoardTouch Screen you have the PC Module connector will either be covered by a metal plate with two screws or by a sticker. Removing the plate or sticker will reveal the connector the one end of the PC Module will attach on to.

The PC Module should slide all the way in and the PC Module sit flush and be screwed in.

On V Series PC Modules the locking bolt for the PC module is located directly below the Ethernet port and can only turn 90 degrees either way. It is imperative that PC Modules are locked into position when connected to the screen.

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