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No Sound Outputted By PC Module to iBoardTouch Screen
Last Updated 10 years ago

If you are having issues with sound please follow the steps outlined below.

1) Is the volume on the laptop/PC module you are using turned up? Please remember that volume being outputted by the TV will be limited by the audio settings and volume control (located in the bottom right hand corner) of your PC Module and Laptop in addition to the actual TV volume.

2) Check the device manager for the speakers - are they selected as the choice output? If not please make sure it is

3) Does the sound work on any other output such as HDMI, VGA/AUX, PC MODULE, RGB etc? If so please use the driver CD and re-install the sound drivers.

4) Does sound work when a headphone is plugged into the headphone jack on the PC Module? Is not then please raise a ticket on and inform us off any and all steps taken to date to resolve this issue and what they outcome has been.

If the headphones work then it is likely that drivers may be clashing - try to use a different PC module if possible to see if it works and relay this information back to us in the manner described above.

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