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Touch Not Working With PC Module
Last Updated 10 years ago

For problems with touch on PRO model screens i.e. on PC Module please use the following steps to sort the issue:

1) Use a cloth to clean the inside edge of the sensors located on the edge of the frame

2) In most cases the Touch Driver will activate with no user input, though there are cases where it does not, to be sure, Install the Touch Service Driver that is available on the website. This must be used on any device you intend to control VIA the Touch Service. The touch driver can be downloaded from the following link

On device manager the iBoardTouch will register as a HID compliant monitor.

3) What version of windows operating system are you currently using windows 7 or 8? Drivers are intended for windows 7 but in most cases do work in windows 8 which is not fully supported by iBoardTouch at the moment, though development is constant.

4) Sometimes it may seem that the screen requires calibration - the touch does not need calibration as it is infrared, but the resolution of the output may need to be changed to allow the touch and image displayed on screen to align. (Right Click On Desktop>Screen Resolution).

Having the resolution differ from the intended resolution of the screen can make to touch appear to require calibration.

If this persists please repeat step 2

5) If issues persist, download the touch test tool from the following link – please ensure the touch LEDs have no dust on and are completely clear before running the test, do not touch the screen whilst using the test program – use an external keyboard and mouse. Open the program and press enter on the keyboard.

If the touch test tool fails please runs the touch test tool again to make sure. Then please raise a ticket on

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