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Do iBoardTouch Screens work with MacOS/Linux
Last Updated 8 years ago

The iBoardTouch screens do work with Mac and Linux machines connected to the screen, similar to how Windows laptop/external PCs are connected. Connect the Mac/Linux machine with the touchscreen via a VGA or HDMI cable which will enable the desktop to be extended to the touchscreen.

With the Mac, if the VGA cable is being used then the resolution must be set to 1024x768, but if the HDMI cable is used then the resolution must be set to 1920x1080.

To use the touch capabilities of the screen, the USB connection between the Mac and the screen's "Touch USB" ports is required. The cable must be the USB A to B type ("Printer style cable"). On the Mac, once the touch ports are connected, after a short pause the OS drivers for the Mac should automatically install - you should see a HID compliant monitor appear in your device manager. Restart the machine once the drivers have been installed to complete the installation.

Linux running kernel version >= 3.5 should support multi-touch. Previous kernel versions do not support multi-touch.

Windows has multi-touch support.


OS Single Touch Multi Touch
Windows Yes Yes
Mac Yes No
Linux Yes Yes if kernel version >= 3.5, additonal config may be required

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