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I get an "Invalid Credentials" when I try to login to VCC
Last Updated 10 years ago

If you receieve the message "Invalid Credentails" when logging into VCC, and you are sure you are entering the correct details, please check the following:

1. Check using the Web Based Version

Check that you can login to the web based version of VCC.

The URL is:

Login the same way as with the client VCC application.

If the login reports "Invalid Credentials" please check the details you are entering.

If the details are correct, please proceed to step 4.

If the login is successful, then the issue is with the local/network config, please proceed to step 2.

2. Check VCC Server Config

In VCC go to File>Settings and check the server settings are correct:

If the server names are not and then click the "Default" button to set them back, or key them in as above.

It may also help to uncheck the "Use RTMFP" checkbox - the effect of this is to use TCP for all data (audio/video/data) rather than UDP for auido/video and some data. Your firewall may not allow UDP traffic with external servers.

3. Check the VCC version

You should see the VCC version in the title bar (top left)


If this is less than v.0.2.24 please download the latest version, uninstall the current VCC, and install the latest version.

Please note this faq "How to uninstall and reinstall VCC" for unsitall/reinstall instructions.

4. Is there a proxy block?

VCC requires a proxy exception so that the proxy allows VCC to access the servers from check 1 above.

If there is a proxy in place, please add the exceeptions for * is added.

You may need to ask your network adminstrator for help with this.

If all the above look fine, then please log a support call with iBoardTouch via the ticketing system.

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