Frequently Asked Questions

Install IWB Pro
Last Updated 6 years ago

1. Installing IWBPro:

Please download IWB Pro from:

Run this to start the installer.

This can be run in silent install mode as follows:

Install_IWBPro.exe /S /D="C:\Program Files (x86)\iBoardTouch IWBPro"

There is also an MSI installer which is preset to run in silent mode

Run this as follows:

msiexec /i "Install_IWBPro.msi"

2. Choose Your UI Mode

Once installed, run the application. IWB Pro offers 2 User Interface modes - Classic and Modern.





To switch between the Modern/Classic go to the Settings options page again and check/uncheck the Classic Mode option.

Start IWBPro and go to the settings page:

If Classic Mode is active, click the following buttons to get the settings:


The Settings page appears:


The "Classic mode" checkbox controls which mode is active. Set/unset this for Classic/Modern mode respectively.

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