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Updating IWBPro to the latest version
Last Updated 6 years ago

IWBPro has an update feature built-in to make the job of checking for and installing updates easier.

In the setting menu (or "System Settings" in the Classic theme), there is a update option:


Click the Update button and the update window appears:


Click "Check for update" to check for any updates ... this will cause the program to access the website:


If the message says "Update available" it means that a newer version is available for download.

You can see what changes are in the updated by clicking the "Show details" button:


Click the returnbutton, then click "Update" to start the update process.

The first step is the application will download the setup file from


Once the download completes the updater will run the setup file.


Click "Install" and the new version will be installed.

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