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Registration, Automatic Updates & Firewalls
Last Updated 6 years ago

Hive, Nuc and older IWBPro and Digiclass applications require internet access when registering with the supplied licence key.


The registration requires inbound and outbound access to the following address:


If after adding this rule to the firewall you still get "Unknown status" reported when you register the most likely cause is a server proxy blocking the traffic.

If your PCs are configured to use a proxy server for internet traffic, then please add the following exceptions to the proxy:


If the proxy server settings are port specific then please add the full address:

Automatic Updates

The auto-update requires access to:

Both these will need to be permitted through the firewall.

Group Policies

The applications store licence key validation in a particular location on the local drive.

On start up this data is checked and validated. On first run the validation is done against the registration server, and the result saved locally.

Group Policies must allow this data to be saved and accessed by the application.

More details available on request.

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