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Are there any manuals for the screens ?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The following manual are available for the iBT range of screens:

003V+P Series

For 32 Point screens (model numbers LTE43-003V+P, LTE55-003V+P, EL65-002-P, LTE65-003V+P, LTE70-003V+P, LTE75-003V+P, LTE84-003V+P,):


H Series V+ Manual

For C batch V+ series screens


EL65 & 10pt Touch Screen Manual

For 6 point EL65 and 10 point  P batch (model numbers LTE43-003V, LTE55-003V, EL65-001, LTE65-003V, LTE70-003V, LTE75-003V, LTE84-003V,):


EL65 & 10 pt Onboard Access Point Manual


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