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Can Android be disabled on the V+ Model?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The V+ model boards have embedded Android on board, which is an integral part of the board and its functions.

You can switch to Android either via the front panel "home" button.

Android can be disabled but doing so also disables the touch function - effectively it locks the screen.

There are two ways to disable the Android:

1.Using the front panel buttons:


Press the following sequence: Menu[4],Volume Up[6], Volume Down [5], Volume Up [6], Volume Down [7].

This will lock the screen and prevent access to Android/PC functions.

To re-enable, use the same key sequence.

2. Using the remote control

Take the remote control control that came with the board.


 "Input" [10].
"Volume Up"
"Volume Down"
"Volume Up"
"Volume Down".

A message should appear confirming the lock.

To restore the function, use the same front panel/remote control button sequence.

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