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Does IWB Pro/DigiClass come with any clipart libraries?
Last Updated 6 years ago

The old IWB application contained a variety of "Materials" or clipart, which were not ported to earlier versions of IWB Pro.

IWB Pro 1.0.27 includes a clipart package embedded within the install folders.

To make this accessible, the clipart folders can be copied to each user's Documents folder.

The folder containing the clipart is C:\Program Files(x86)\iBoardTouch IWBPro\ImageSet

Copy all the folders under this folder to the an more accessible folder.

We recommend copying this to C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\IWBPro\ResourceBank.

Copying to here will make the clipart available in the ResourceBank panel, from where they can be drag and dropped.

The copying can be done by running the following script (double-click in Explorer, or run from the CMD box)::

C:\Program Files(x86)\iBoardTouch IWBPro\Scripts\copyClipart.bat.

In upcoming releases this library will automatically download and update from our website to ensure the content is current.

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