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I get a "Unknown Status" message when I try to register
Last Updated 6 years ago

When you are trying to register Hive, Nuc, Nexus, IWBPro or DigiClass, after entering the correct licence key you see a "Unknown Status" message.

The most common cause for this is a firewall or proxy blocking access to/from the registration server at:

Details on the required firewall and proxy set up can be found in the following FAQ:

If the proxy/firewall changes have been made, please try to register again with the key, and record the details entered using a screenshot (Alt+PrtScr), then save the screen shot to a image file.

Then locate the IWBPro/Digiclass log files under the following folder(s), selecting which one you are having this issue with:

C:\Users\{Name}\Documents\Hive or Nuc or NexusParticipant

Locate the files called:


Then, please try the following URL in a browser:

Where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is replaced with your licence key. Please save the returned page screen shot to a image file.

When all the above pieces of information have been gathered, please raise a ticket on the support system via

Attach the screen shots and the log files to the ticket.

The above information will help us to confirm if the registration message is getting through to our servers or is getting blocked.

Group Policy

A Group Policy may be operating that prevents the application executable file (e.g c:\Program files (x86)\Hive\hive.exe) accessing the registration server.

The application must be allowed to access the registartion address for registartion to succeed.

Local Firewall

The local firewall on WIndows might be blcoking Hive from accessing the registration server. Open up the Windows Firewall on the Control Panel and check.

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