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How do I obtain software licence keys
Last Updated 9 years ago

If you have bought software separately through a reseller, most resellers will arrange to obtain the licences keys from iBoardTouch directly, and send them to the customer.

If you have been asked to get the keys directly from iBoardTouch screen/tablet, we require the serial numbers of the screen products and details for the customer.

  • Name of Organisation
  • Address
  • Contact Name, Telephone, Email
  • Name of Reseller
  • Then for each board:
    • Date of Purchase or Installation
    • Model Number
    • Serial Number
    • If Pro-pack (PC module, web cam, keyboard, mouse pack), serial number of the PC module

This information can either  be sent to .or for faster turnaround via the ticket system (click "Open New Ticket" option above).

Once we have logged this information on our system we will issue the software licence keys by return email within 24 hours.

Details of how get the serial/model numbers can be found in the attached "GettingSerialNumber.pdf" guide.

You may also use the attached "iBoardTouchLicencing.doc" form to fill in and send by email.

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