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I cannot connect to a DigiClass class
Last Updated 6 years ago

If you are able to see the class in the class list on Student PAnel, but when you click "Join Class" the status flashes between "Connecting" and then "Not Connected" please check the following for ossible reasons.

1. Incorrect Licence Key Registered

In version of DIgiClass older than 1.5.2 it was possible to mix the licence keys for IWBPro, Teacher and Student. However, the limits on class size are assigned to the Teacher key. If the wrong key has been used to register the Teacher app, then some older versions will return "0", which prevents any sessions from joining.

The fix for this is to uninstall Teacher, re-install and then re-register using the correct licence key.
Newer version of the apps will check that the right class of key is being entered.

2. Windows Firewall on the Teacher/Student

If the Firewall on the Teacher or Student do not permit the DigiClass traffic the session will be blocked.

DigiClass doesn't normally require any special rules - when it is run the very first time (on Windows) a Firewall prompt may appear asking whether you wish to Allow or Deny/Block the application. Click Allow and that should be all that is required.

3. Network Firewall Rules

With DIgiClass being a network reliant app, with data between Student/Teacher devices in transit, the network must allow this communication. 

Please see the  FAQ note (link below) on DigiClass networking:

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