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Windows 7 Update week commencing 9/11/2015
Last Updated 10 years ago

This week Microsoft have released an update on Windows 7. Some customers have reported that when starting up windows after the update has caused the login to disappear and the screen to constantly flash on and off.

Please note: this is not a iBoardTouch specific issue, it can affect any Windows 7 PC.

The culprit appears to be update KB3097877 - search Google for this to see how this is impacting Windows 7 users.

In particular see this article:

KB3097877 causing severe difficulties for some Windows 7 users November 2015 Windows updates

The resolution is to revert/roll back the update using the Windows System Recovery Option. This notes explains how to do this with an iBoardTouch Windows 7 PC module.

The steps to take to resolve this problem are:

1.) Restart Windows while keeping fingers pressed on F8 multiple times.
2.) A number of options will appear, please select "Repair Your Computer"
3.) A "System Recovery Options" dialogue will appear, please select "UK"
4.) Next step is to enter your password for your user login
5.) Click on "System Restore" and go through the steps to system restore the PC before the critical update which took place this week.
6.) After you have finished system restoring  click on "restart", and this should resolve the issue.

For integrated PC Modules it is best if you plug in a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse so you could access the F8 option.

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