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Opening a file by double-clicking gives an empty document
Last Updated 6 years ago

From version 1.5, IWBPro adds an automatic file association so that double-clicking a .iwbpro type file will open the file in IWBPro.

If you are opening files like this, but when IWBPro starts the document is empty, please first verify that opening the file via the menu with IWBPro works fine.

If this work fine, then it is likely that you have upgraded IWBPro from a very early version and the settings data is not compatible with the new version.

To fix, open Windows Explorer, and navigate to your "Documents" folder.

There should be a sub-folder called IWBPro.

Locate a file called "" in this sub-folder.

Rename this file, e.g. "".

Now restart IWBPro. It will create a fresh new file.

It is likely that your previous settings will not be retained. Use the "Settings" page in the app to set these to your preferences.

Exit IWBPro.

Now, double-click the iwbpro file(s). The files should open correctly in IWBPro.

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