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Setting up wifi and Google Play Store on EL65-001, EL65+
Last Updated 8 years ago

If you are on a EL65-001 and cannot access the Android settings, or any Android desktop, then the firmware needs to be updated, for which a support ticket should be raised.

Assuming you are able to see the Android apps menu, this notes describes how to set up WiFi and Play Store access.

WiFi Set Up

For the wifi to work to wireless dongle must be plugged into the Android USB side port and the wifi must be enabled.


1. Switch off the board.
2. Plug in the wifi dongle we provided (one of the ones we sent you last week) into the side Android USB port.
If the dongle was not included in the packaging you may request one from iBoardTouch Support, preferably via the ticket system
3. Switch on the board and wait for it to complete start up.
4. Using the remote control unit, press the "INPUT" button then 2-5-8-0.
5. Wait until the options panel appears on the right as below.
6. Use the arrow keys on the remote to scroll down to the "Other Options" menu item


7. Click OK on the remote. The Other Option menu should appear.
8. Scroll down (using the remote arrow keys) to the "Wireless Visable Ctrl" option - by default this is set to Off. On the remote click Ok (or the right arrow) to change this option to "On" as below.


9. Click "Exit" on the remote.
10. Restart the screen - power off then on.
11. Open the Android system and select the "Settings" app and then the Network option. You should now see the Wireless and WiFi Hotspot  options on the side panel:


12. Configure wifi to work with your network as required.
13. Once configured, restart (power off then on) the screen so that Android can start with the new settings activated.
14. Check the wifi network is working (test using the browser).

Play Store

The play store requires the dongle to be connected and enabled, using the steps above.

Once wifi is setup, and internet connectivity is tested, the Play Store can be accessed.

From this point errors with the Play Store are usually down to network firewall security on your network.

This can be verified by connecting the Android wifi to an open access network, e.g. tethering to a mobile device, and seeing if the Play Store now works. If it does that the network firewall is most likely blocking access to the Android device.

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