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Where is the screen serial number?
Last Updated 10 years ago

The screen serial number  is on the badge plate which is found on the left hand side at the back of the screen. Some screens may have the serial number on the bottom right corner of the screen.

The Serial number for the screen is found on a sticker that is just below a barcode. 


Note: The PC module in the diagram above only pertains to Pro-pack purchases, not Lite. Lite screens do not include the integrated PC module.

Examples of the start of serial numbers are :

A55,   H55,   H65,   I55,   I65,   A42E,  A55A,  A55E,  A65E,  A70,   A70E,  
AF10,  H08E,  H55A,  H55E,  H65A,  H65E,  H65I,  H70E,  H75E,  H84E,  HE55,  
HE5E,  HP65,  UK00,  VE30

More details, with examples can be found in the attached guide.

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