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How can I get additional resources to use in IWB Pro/DigiClass?
Last Updated 6 years ago

We are working on creating more resources for use with our software.

Currently IWB Pro has a basic set of resources, which we update regularly.

You can check and download these within IWB Pro in Settings/Library.

If the resources have been updated since the last check, or you have not downloaded them before, the software will download and install the resources under "ResourceBank" location, accessed from the Resource Bank panel under "My Items".

The Resource Bank Panel also has a section called "Remote". This allows you to search your SMART Exchange, Promethean Planet account for resources, and also allows you to connect to your Google Drive and DropBox accounts. From here, you can easily drag and drop resources (including SMART Notebook, Promethean Flipchart and common document and media format files) straight into IWBPro/DigiClass.

There are also a number of free resources available online, including:

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