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How can we invite external parties as guests to a VCC meeting?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Scenario: You have iBoardTouch boards and VCC licences but you want to use VCC to conference with someone outside your company/organistaion, i.e. an external "guest".

First ensure you are on the latest version (the version number is shown in the top left of the window).

Latest version is here:

If you have a really old version (v0.1.52) you may need to follow the instructions in the link below to uninstall and re-install in case of installer issue:

How to uninstall and reinstall VCC

To use VCC with others you have three choices:

1. Ask the other party to download/install VCC, make sure the firewall configuration allows VCC traffic, give them the credentials of one of your accounts to use as a guest. Download VCC from here:

2. Set up the meeting, use one of your users as a guest (just let them have the login), and they can join via the web version at:

They can login via the "Join Session" button, enter the credentials and they should see the meeting.

If you use this option you might want to change the guest password after the meeting.

Do this via the admin portal using your Admin User (user1 in your case). Details on how to do this are here:

How can we (as a customer) manage our own VCC users?

3. In the latest version, 0.2.24, there is the ability to add external email contacts, and invite them by email. They receive an email (assuming it isn't blocked) with the link to the meeting, which they can open in a browser. Note this has some reduced functionality (no content repository access). You can see how to set these up and invite them.

Is there a a quick start guide for VCC?

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